Conversational Prayer

Holding A Conversation With God

Hundreds of books have been written on the subject of prayer, but there are still very few believers who have a prayer life that is exciting and brings results. That is because not many people have learned to have a good conversation with God.

When you hear someone say, “The Lord told me…”, do you think they are being super spiritual and trying to impress you? Who can pray in such an intimate way with God Himself? Surely you have to be extremely spiritual and righteous before you could think of getting close enough to God to hold a conversation?

In the Old Testament where God seemed a million miles away, you needed a prophet to tell you what God said. But in the New Testament that has all changed. And your prayers now can become more intimate and personal.

Of course the subject of prayer is still a huge one, and there are many things that you need to take into account if you really want to pray correctly. But Les D. Crause has shared some principles that are so simple even a new believer can use them. Yet they are also so awesome, that even someone who has known the Lord for years can benefit from them.

Here are some of the subjects that are covered in this course:

1. Holding a conversation with the Lord

2. Three different ways of praying

3. How to prayer for other people

4. How to pray in a group

5. How to increase your prayer power with fasting

What This Will Do For You

We pray that the Lord will inspire you to not only receive the things that you desire, but that as you pray, He will

1. Live an abundant life

2. Love in a way that you have never loved before

3. Learn more about Him than you knew before

4. Leave your mark by being an influence in the lives of others

Prayer has the power to make all these things happen. So let’s get praying and holding a conversation with the Lord shall we?

Course Outline

Chapter 01 – Basics of Prayer

Chapter 02 – Unbelievers and Prayer

Chapter 03 – Ways to Hear Him Speaking

Chapter 04 – Praise and Worship

Chapter 05 – Intimacy With God

Chapter 06- Bringing Your Requests

Chapter 07 – Praying Alone

Chapter 08 – Praying in Group

Chapter 09 – What Fasting is

Chapter 10 – Types of Fasting

Chapter 11 – Practicalities of Fasting

One thought on “Conversational Prayer”

  1. I so appreciate this community though I ­rarely post. Bless you all…..
    I write to request prayers urgently. My­ best friend Meagan’s close family membe­r and brother in law, 48, was diagnosed ­this morning with AML- blood cancer- Acu­te Myeloid Leukemia. It was as sudden as­ going in to the hospital for regular bl­ood work with some signs of weakness and­ shortness of breath last night to a dia­gnosis this morning. Please pray for his­ wife, my dear sister, Heather and their­ daughter, Bianca. They live out of the ­country so are transporting him air ambu­lance to the states for treatment. Reque­st: for a miracle for him…. (His name ­is Thad) for God’s heart to deepen in hi­m… (his faith would increase as he wre­stles with religion and belief) for his ­wife, for strength, courage and peace of­ mind… and for their 12 year old daugh­ter scared to loose her daddy… for hea­lthy processing of her emotions. For hea­ling in their lives and hearts….Heathe­r needs to have God’s peace and know Jes­us…Meagan is also. In need of personal­ healing and breakthrough …direction f­rom.God…she has physical pain and she ­needs to know.desperately God’s will and­ plan and direction for her life …also­ Matthew is seeking personal healing ,gr­owth and breakthrough as well….directi­on and provision ….know God’s will.and­ purpose for him and to.fulfill it… He­ather the wife of thad needs special pra­yer and attention she recently had a men­tal breakdown and is on a psych ward…s­he is recovering but is in need of serio­us intercession prayer and encouragement­ she has been saying she needed more att­ention as a child and affection , has de­ep mother wounds ….please pray for her­ thank you …this is also a really hard­ time for Meagan …please pray for her ­…

    When Meagan asked God how to pray today ­she heard… “Praise God for Victory!”
    I felt like the Lord told me that it wo­uld not end in death but it would bring ­he and his family c loser to Jesus ….
    Thank you for your prayers. Blessings a­nd miracles for each of our lives in the­ areas we need it most.If you guys over ­there could write out a prayer for thad ­and his family with any words you might ­get from the Lord that would be so encou­raging and helpful ….would that be pos­sible at all ?


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