We Would Like to Meet You

If you are living in South Africa, or are a South African living in another country, then we would love to meet you and get to know you better.

You may already be on one of our mailing lists at Global Business Ministries International, but we cannot always tell from your email address if you are South African.

So we would love to put you on a mailing list specially for folks in South Africa and ex South Africans who would like to know more about the work in South Africa.

What We Plan for South Africa

Global Business Ministries has been working mostly online reaching out to the nations for some years now, and we have been looking for people who wish to be trained as leaders in the Kingdom of God.

God has been bringing us His choice servants to train and set in place amongst the nations, and South Africa is one of the main nations we have been working with.

Most of this has been done from a distance until now, and Apostles Les and Daphne have invited people to come for hands on training to the headquarter center in Mexico. But now the Lord has shown that they must return to South Africa for a season to carry out this hands on training in person in the Republic of South Africa.

Before returning, we would like to see whom we already have as contacts in South Africa, so that we can set up a relationship with you and prepare to come and minister to you personally.

1. Creation of Local Churches

We are looking to set up local churches throughout South Africa, under the leadership of those whom we have trained for the work of the ministry.

2. Creation of Ministry Centers

Those who rise up in leadership and qualify as members of the Fivefold Ministry, especially those called to Apostolic Office, will be shown how to set up ministry centers in the main areas of the country.

These ministry centers will become a hub of activity and will hold qualified members of the Fivefold Ministry who are called to both Ministry and Business. Each ministry center will oversee the local churches in that area.

Within each ministry center will be training schools for both Business and Ministry, using the foundational materials produced by Apostles Les and Daphne Crause and the Ministry Team of GBMI

3. Holding of Regular Seminars and Conferences

We plan to hold regular seminars and conferences to bring together leaders for a time of teaching and impartation. These seminars will be conducted by Les and Daphne Crause and members of the GBM Leadership in South Africa.

Those who have been trained in our Training Schools and have qualified will be placed into their ministry office at such meetings, and many will be released into ministry training and receive impartation of the anointing that is upon this ministry.

We Need You To Make It Happen

But how will we find those who are willing and ready to become part of this? Until now we have found that the internet is the best place to meet people and make contacts.

That is why we are reaching out now to those who already know us, to find out who we already have that would like to become part of this huge vision. If you are in South Africa and you have the call of God on your life, whether it be a call to ministry or a call to business, or both, we would like to know you better.

So all we ask is that you fill in a form and tell us a little about yourself. If you would like us to contact you specifically or directly, then we will be happy to do that if you give us sufficient information to contact you.

You may also find out more about us at our main headquarters website at https://gbmi.co.za

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