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Fivefold Business School Training For Those Who Are Called to Business

Should everyone who is called to the ministry have to give up their secular career to do the work of the Lord?

Is it wrong for believers to get involved in business instead of doing the work of the ministry?

Does God ever call someone to Business rather than Ministry?

These are questions that have plagued the Church for years, and there has been much confusion on the subject. The early Apostles all gave up their jobs and careers to follow Jesus and obey His call.

A look at church history right up to the present day shows that this has always been the pattern for someone called to the Ministry. Pastors and full time workers have always taken up the work of the ministry as their employment. Many gave up a lucritive career to do this, and like Peter left their business behind to follow the call.

Because of this, the Church has always suffered financially. Any form of business in the Church is frowned on and seen as something to be opposed, just as Jesus turned over the tables of the moneychangers in the temple.

But A New Church Is Coming

Probably the biggest mistake we often make is to think that the ideal church is the one that existed during the times of the Apostles. The Early Church moved in great power and did awesome things for the Lord. And the Gospel spread under their influence.

But that church died and went into obscurity. It was lost during the Dark Ages, never to be seen again. But God began to build a new church from the time of the Reformation. It started off small, but over time it has become more and more like the early church.

But the End Times Church will be different to the Early Church. There are many new things that God is adding for a new generation, and a new era that we are living in.

The Early Church lacked many of the things that we now have in our hands to do the work of the Lord. Society has changed, and today the Church is no longer largely a Jewish Church based in the Middle East.

A New Breed of Church Leaders

God is raising up in these end times, a new breed of leaders who will lead the Body of Christ to its final glory. And these new leaders will be different to the leaders of the Early Church.

Amongst this new breed of leaders there is arising a group that has never existed before. The Apostles and Prophets of the End Times Church are different to those in the early church.

And now a new set of leaders is rising up who have more of a business emphasis. And it is totally of the Lord. God is calling leaders in the realm of business. They are not called to simply build businesses and make money, but they are part of the leadership of the new church, and will add a business dimension to the Church that will finance the final move of God.

A New Kind of Training Needed

When it comes to business, most believers turn to the world to learn their skills. They do not see this as a ministry or call of God, but simply part of their secular life.

This is about to change, and it is time to train God’s Entrepreneurs to rise up and do business according to patterns that God has laid in place. Added to this will be a new anointing unlike anything that has been seen before.

In the past the anointing was placed on Prophets, Priests and Kings, and then in the Early Church a new anointing arose specifically for Apostles. God is the author of a variety of anointings, and His power varies according to what He calls us to do.

So now it is time to learn about a new anointing, which we like to call the Fivefold Business Anointing. And those who are called to business must learn to do things God’s Way, using God’s Power.

If God is calling you to this kind of activity in the Body of Christ, then you have come to the right place.Here you will receive all the training you need to rise up and become

A Fivefold Entrepreneur

To join us on this new journey, why not enroll as a student and take your place as one of the new breed of Business Leaders.



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