How to Get Rid of The Enemy

January 17, 2023 by Daphne Crause

“I am feeling really nice and sleepy,” I said to my husband. “I’m really looking forward to a nice relaxing sleep tonight.”

I said these words as my husband and I were getting ready to retire for the night. We were relaxing and doing a few things we normally did before bed and I didn’t expect anything to be different that night.

I smiled, switched off the light and got myself comfortable. I was just drifting into a beautiful sleep when I heard that horrible, familiar high pitched whine right next to me. Yup, it was a mosquito!

I always cringe when I hear that sound in the darkness, because I can never find where it is if I put the light on. I felt it landing on my face, so I brushed it quickly and hoped that I got it.

A short while later I felt it landing on my neck and various other places. Each time I felt it was when I was falling sleep again, and now I woke up wide with a start.

This was really getting to me, but finally I felt it land on my arm. I waited for a few more seconds than usual. Then with a loud ‘thwack’ that I am amazed didn’t wake my husband up, I got rid of that irritating, demonically-inspired insect! Now I could finally sleep as the dawn was breaking.

As I thought about this incident again I realised that this is such a good picture of the sort of thing Satan does in our lives. Sometimes his attack is strong and blatantly clear. But other times, as with my mosquito experience, he tries to wear you out and get you running around.

Just when you think the victory is at hand, he comes with another little thing to frustrate you and stress you out. You might hear a bit of bad news, or you might get irritated with someone and snap at them.

These are not big train smashes, like you suddenly having a health emergency. But they are annoying little things that are designed to take away your peace.

So what is the solution? It is to put Satan in his place once and for all. You have authority and the words of your mouth are powerful, so don’t allow him to have his way. When you realise what his ploy is, turn to him and say,

“Oh no you don’t, Satan! I take authority over you now. I resist you and you have to flee from me.”

Turn to the Lord and let His peace begin to flood you again. Then go out and have a day of victory – or the best sleep you have had in a long time.

Many blessings to you.

In His love,

Daphne Crause
Apostle and Servant of Jesus
Global Business Ministries International

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