The Time is Right

January 19, 2023 by John Crause

Here at GBMI, we have been preparing for the new year and getting ready to step out and reach more people. The Lord has shown us that we must prepare for this.

And so we have been working hard both spiritually and in the natural to get the ministry ready.

And as the new year started, we got even more busy.

I have had much work to do in the natural, because I handle the technical side of the ministry.

When there is work to be done I will get in there and do it. I will work hard and try get everything done. It is exciting when you have something new ahead and you get to work on it.

But sometimes it feels like you are working hard and nothing is happening. You start to forget what your goal is because all you see is the work that you have to do.

You did a lot of work, but you did not see the result you thought you would.

Has this happened to you?

Perhaps the Lord gave you an exciting goal for the new year and it didn’t last long.

You know how everyone says, “Never make new year’s resolutions that you cannot keep”.

Still, you cannot help but get excited about a new year. It is like a fresh start. And so you got going strong, and it already slowed down.

Perhaps this is not a new thing though. Maybe it was years ago that God promised you something, and you have given up hope. You have tried in the natural to make it happen, but nothing has changed.

You have been faithful and done what He told you, but nothing has happened yet.

The Lord says to you:

My child I have seen your faithfulness, and I have seen all that you have done. I have not forgotten you. For I promised you that I would bring your desires and I would increase you.

And indeed my word is true. For all that you have done has been a preparation for what lies ahead. And up ahead lies far more than you have had up until now.

For indeed the time was not yet right for this to happen. But now the time is coming says the Lord.

So do not lose hope, keep pressing forward. Keep running the race that I have set before you, for you will reach the goal.

For I will now do what you cannot do says the Lord. I will bring the change that you could not do. And I will bring you to the place that I promised you.

And all that you have done until now will lead to the plan and purpose that I have for you says the Lord.


I hope that this was a blessing to you just as it blessed me to write it. May your remaining week be one of accomplishing much.

In Him

John Crause
Team Member
Servant of Jesus

GBM International

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