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We will offer training to every believer who has a desire to get involved in any kind of ministry in the local church. And those who are called to leadership and wish to run their own ministry will also have access to training to help them rise up and take their place.

All formal online training courses are available freely to contributing partners of GBMI. So if you are a registered partner, you can freely enroll in and enjoy the lessons in any of our training schools online.

Here are some of the different kinds of training we will offer in GBM Fellowship.

The School of the Supernatural

A two-year course offering teaching and practical training for those who desire to move into the gifts of the Spirit and move into a supernatural ministry.

The School of Blessing

Everything you need to learn to live a successful Christian life. This course embraces every practical thing you need to know to overcome every problem in life and live in continual victory and happiness.

The School of Ministry

Every believer has some form of ministry calling, some at a higher level than others. In this school we help you to find what your calling is and set a personal curriculum for you to study and prepare for the call of God on your life.

The School of Business

For those who are called more to business than ministry. This course will show you how to do business in God’s way and rise up in the secular world as a believer.

The School of Music

For those who have a passion for music and singing. This school will teach you how to develop your talents and use them for the Lord. You will be offered specialized training in playing musical instruments, singing, writing your own songs, and also how to make your own recordings.

Click here for a web map showing all the pages on this website