Our Location

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Where To Find Us

This is our physical address

196 Rienert Ave,
Edleen Ext 3
Kempton Park
South Africa

You may contact us during normal working hours at

27 076 326 9105 (John Crause)

You may also contact us via WhatsApp on the above number

Directions to GBM Headquarters in Kempton Park, South Africa

GBM South Africa

The GBM Ministry Center Contains Facilities for Training and Fellowship

See details below of how to find us

Contact Us At:

Use our contact form online at any of our web pages e.g. Contact Us


If you would like to discuss anything with us or make arrangements to visit, please feel free to give us a call during normal working hours.

076 326 9105 (John Crause)

We are also on WhatsApp so feel free to buzz us for a chat

Visit our Bookshop

We have copies of all our printed books in stock, and you may come and browse our selection. Purchases can be made in cash, online contribution, or by credit/debit card.

Map Directions to our Address

You can find us on Google or using a GPS. On Google maps, search for Global Business Ministries Training Center.

DO NOT PUT 196 Rienert Ave into your GPS. It will lead you to a fence that you cannot enter. We are in an enclosed area and you must head for the main gate to reach us. 

Put the following address into your GPS, then follow the instructions below to get to our address:

No 1 Carol Van Der Walt Ave

If you put our address into your GPS, the GPS will tell you that you have arrived, and you will see our house from the road, but you cannot enter from there, because it is in an enclosed area.

Check the map below as you read the following directions

If you came off the R25, then continue to Okkerneut Ave and turn left into Okkerneut. If you came from the opposite direction down Okkerneut, and you reach our house, then you have passed the turnoff to the gate. 

You must go down Carol van der Walt St to get to our entrance gate. So coming from the R25 down Okkerneut you turn left into Carol van der Walt. If you came from the opposite direction, then turn right into Carol van der Walt. 

You will see the Security Gate

We are in an enclosed community, so you will need to go through the Security Gate

To go direct to this gate, put the following address in your GPS:

No 1 Carol Van Der Walt Ave

The guard will give you a ticket to take with you. This must be returned when you leave so do not lose it

Gate Entrance

Turn left at the first road after the Security Gate, which is Joan Hunter St, and continue right to the end of the road.

The road curves around at the end and leads eventually to our gate

We look forward to welcoming you

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