Weekly Meetings

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We will hold regular meetings at our GBM Fellowship Headquarters in Kempton Park, Johannesburg. To find us please visit our Location page for more details.

Daily Counseling and Personal Ministry

Les and Daphne are both experts in personal ministry and counseling. No matter what problem you are facing, they will be there to give you counsel, get revelation on your behalf, and minister healing, deliverance, and spiritual impartation.

All members of the fellowship will be entitled to receive such ministry, but they will need to make an appointment for it since there are likely to be many who need this.

This ministry will be available most weekdays, and we will set up a calendar to fit you in for ministry when you have a need.

Sunday Morning Fellowship

Each Sunday at 10:30 am we will have a fellowship meeting with different members of the GBM Ministry Team ministering the Word.

We can currently seat about 50 people at a time. As the work grows, we will expand into home fellowships and set up other locations where those in an area can meet weekly.

Each meeting will consist of a time of lively anointed worship with the GBM Praise team in the lead. This will then be followed by the ministry of the Word and a time will be made available afterward for fellowship and any personal ministry that is needed.

Fellowship Meals

We will also periodically arrange a time for everyone to join us for a lunchtime fellowship around some good food. In this way we can get to know one another better and learn to open our hearts more to each other.

Weekday Meetings

Weekdays will be reserved for special meetings and training as we make them available. These could include the following possible ministries:

Music Evenings

There will be times of worship and praise celebrations, where we will spend time worshipping and entering into the presence of the Lord. Often God works powerfully in such meetings and signs and wonders could take place.

We will also make available training for those who wish to learn to play an instrument and those who wish to improve their vocal abilities.

Men and Women’s Fellowship Meetings

Men and women often need to have time fellowshipping with others of the same gender. It allows us to address problems that both men and women face in life and ministry.

Apostles Les and Daphne will lead these meetings, and help husbands, wives and single young people with problems that they face.

Prayer and Intercession Meetings

Prayer is at the heart of the work of the Lord, and those with a prophetic orientation hold the key to seeing God move in our midst.

Daphne Crause is an expert on the subject of prayer and intercession and will be available to train those who wish to become part of a prayer ministry

Youth Meetings

Young people and children have a need for a different kind of ministry and should have an opportunity to meet away from the eyes of parents and older folks. John is great with single youth and able motivate young folks to serve the Lord.

As the need arises, time will be set aside for these groups to come together for fellowship and ministry.

Weekend Seminars

Instead of holding extended school training sessions as we have done in the past, we plan to take entire weekends periodically to offer specialized training to those who wish to prepare for the call of God on their lives.

Each such seminar will be a concentrated time of teaching, training, and impartation for a special kind of ministry function. In this way, nobody will need to take time off from work or rearrange their lives to attend a regular school class.

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