Gbm Fellowship Video Archives

Past Videos By Date

    The Power of Your Thoughts
  [Info]  (Date: 230416)

    Your Greatest Ministry Call
  [Info]  (Date: 230220)

    Living An Awesome Life
  [Info]  (Date: 230205)

    How Jesus Trained Ministries
  [Info]  (Date: 230130)

    The Goodness of God
  [Info]  (Date: 230123)

    The New Pastoral Movement
  [Info]  (Date: 230116)

    The Seven Signs and Fruit of Revival
  [Info]  (Date: 220925)

    Change Your Reflection
  [Info]  (Date: 220918)

    The Coming Move of God
  [Info]  (Date: 220911)

    What You've Been Searching For
  [Info]  (Date: 220904)

    Greater Days
  [Info]  (Date: 220828)

    The Prophetic Mantle
  [Info]  (Date: 220821)

    Step Into The Furnace
  [Info]  (Date: 220814)

    Who You Are in The Lord
  [Info]  (Date: 220807)

    The Swords of The Kingdom
  [Info]  (Date: 220731)

    A New Light
  [Info]  (Date: 220724)

    From Praise to Glory
  [Info]  (Date: 220710)

    The Arm of Faith
  [Info]  (Date: 220612)

    Adding The Power
  [Info]  (Date: 220424)

    What is a Spiritual Mother
  [Info]  (Date: 220313)

    How to Step Into His Peace
  [Info]  (Date: 211121)

    You and The Lord a Powerful Team
  [Info]  (Date: 211003)

    The Anointed Life
  [Info]  (Date: 210919)

    The Marriage Covenant
  [Info]  (Date: 210913)

    The Coming Church
  [Info]  (Date: 210905)

    You Are A Piece of The Puzzle
  [Info]  (Date: 210822)

    Out With The Old In With The New
  [Info]  (Date: 210815)

    The Day Will Break
  [Info]  (Date: 210801)

    Experiencing The Guidance of God
  [Info]  (Date: 210725)

    The Role of Wisdom and Understanding | Identity in Christ
  [Info]  (Date: 210718)

    The How to of Wisdom and Understanding | Identity in Christ
  [Info]  (Date: 210718)

    Let Your Light Shine
  [Info]  (Date: 210704)

    Your Authority in Christ - Your Identity in Christ Part 4
  [Info]  (Date: 210627)

    The Dust of His Feet
  [Info]  (Date: 210620)

    Walking in Christ - Your True Identity Part 3
  [Info]  (Date: 210613)

    How to Stand Out in The World
  [Info]  (Date: 210606)

    Who God Is and Who You Are - Your Identity in Christ Part 2
  [Info]  (Date: 210530)

    Walking in Christ - Your True Identity
  [Info]  (Date: 210516)

    The Mantle of Prosperity
  [Info]  (Date: 210502)

    Removing Financial Blockages
  [Info]  (Date: 210425)

    The Laws of Financial Prosperity
  [Info]  (Date: 210418)

    Completing Your Visions
  [Info]  (Date: 210411)

    Walking In Financial Abundance
  [Info]  (Date: 210328)

    Ministering With Music
  [Info]  (Date: 210321)

    How You Should Worship
  [Info]  (Date: 210307)

    The Importance of Music and Song
  [Info]  (Date: 210228)

    Developing Your Social Road
  [Info]  (Date: 210221)

    Jesus Our Social Model
  [Info]  (Date: 210214)

    Getting to Know Jesus
  [Info]  (Date: 210131)

    Let It Go
  [Info]  (Date: 210124)

    Letting God Rule in Your Life
  [Info]  (Date: 210117)

    Anointed With Power
  [Info]  (Date: 210110)

    The New Move of God | Vision for 2021
  [Info]  (Date: 210103)

    Your Heart's Desire
  [Info]  (Date: 201213)

    Discovering The Real You
  [Info]  (Date: 201206)

    Lift Up Your Eyes
  [Info]  (Date: 201129)

    The Power in Giving Thanks
  [Info]  (Date: 201122)

    Building Your Spiritual Capacity
  [Info]  (Date: 201115)

    Baby Dedication - What it is About
  [Info]  (Date: 201112)

    Signs of The Prophetic Call - How to Spot a Prophet
  [Info]  (Date: 201108)

    Prophetic Discipleship and Mentorship
  [Info]  (Date: 201101)

    The How's and Why's of Prophetic Preparation
  [Info]  (Date: 201026)

    God Wants You To Prosper
  [Info]  (Date: 200823)

    The Good Things of God
  [Info]  (Date: 200726)

    From The Desert to The Oasis
  [Info]  (Date: 200719)

    Overcoming The Realm of Darkness
  [Info]  (Date: 200712)

    Overcoming The Power of Sin
  [Info]  (Date: 200705)

    Overcoming The World System
  [Info]  (Date: 200629)

    Overcoming The Curse of The Law
  [Info]  (Date: 200621)

    Overcoming Satan's Agenda
  [Info]  (Date: 200614)

    Wilderness vs Spiritual Attack
  [Info]  (Date: 200607)

    What Does Your House Look Like?
  [Info]  (Date: 200525)

    Seeing The Light in The Darkness
  [Info]  (Date: 200519)

    Why Should You Fear God?
  [Info]  (Date: 200510)

    Revealing The Hidden Picture
  [Info]  (Date: 200503)

    Why God Has Hidden You Away
  [Info]  (Date: 200426)

    Resurrected to What?
  [Info]  (Date: 200412)

    Social Distancing God's Way
  [Info]  (Date: 200405)

    Time to Pray
  [Info]  (Date: 200329)

    How to Deal With Change
  [Info]  (Date: 200322)

    Overcoming Fear and Panic
  [Info]  (Date: 200321)

    How to Walk in Righteousness
  [Info]  (Date: 200308)

    The Renewing of the Mind
  [Info]  (Date: 200301)

    Standing In Your Freedom
  [Info]  (Date: 200224)

    The Power of Words
  [Info]  (Date: 200217)

    Learning to Reign
  [Info]  (Date: 200202)

    Putting God First in Everything
  [Info]  (Date: 200127)

    The Great Commission
  [Info]  (Date: 200119)

    How to Make it Or Break It
  [Info]  (Date: 200112)

    The God of New Things
  [Info]  (Date: 200105)

    How to Accomplish Your Desires
  [Info]  (Date: 191229)

    Fulfilling Your Purpose
  [Info]  (Date: 191215)

    How Healing Comes
  [Info]  (Date: 191208)

    The Price of The Glory of God
  [Info]  (Date: 191117)

    Overcoming Fearful Experiences
  [Info]  (Date: 191110)

    Overcoming Fearful Experiences
  [Info]  (Date: 191110)

    The Work of Angels
  [Info]  (Date: 191104)

    Meeting The Father
  [Info]  (Date: 191027)

    Experiencing The Ascended Christ
  [Info]  (Date: 191020)

    Understanding The Power of Love
  [Info]  (Date: 191013)

    Experiencing God's Power
  [Info]  (Date: 191007)

    The Three Elements of The Spiritual Realm
  [Info]  (Date: 190930)

    Getting The Glory of God
  [Info]  (Date: 190922)

    Understanding The Glory of God
  [Info]  (Date: 190915)

    GBM Fellowship Open Meeting Part 1
  [Info]  (Date: 190909)

    GBM Fellowship Open Meeting Part 2
  [Info]  (Date: 190909)

    Living The Christ Life
  [Info]  (Date: 190902)

    Place Your Burdens on Him
  [Info]  (Date: 190826)

    How to Please God
  [Info]  (Date: 190819)

    How To Bounce Back To Victory
  [Info]  (Date: 190818)

    One Clue At A Time
  [Info]  (Date: 190812)

    Hope - An Anchor For Your Soul
  [Info]  (Date: 190804)

    No More Boundaries
  [Info]  (Date: 190708)

    Dealing With Failed Resurrections
  [Info]  (Date: 190421)

    How to Take Bigger Steps
  [Info]  (Date: 190303)

    Healing The Spirit
  [Info]  (Date: 190224)

    Mental Illness and the Pressures of Life
  [Info]  (Date: 190210)

    Gods Way of Health
  [Info]  (Date: 190127)

    Stop Comparing, Start Living
  [Info]  (Date: 181111)

    Don't Worry, Just Ask
  [Info]  (Date: 180826)